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ABOUT US:  An introduction to Deanna.  First, here is a quick explanation and background information about Deanna and about her book, Purrs & Promises.  Deanna spent her early life on a farm, hating cats. But that changed, and she has written Purrs & Promises as a memoir of her emerging from a negative to a positive frame of mind after meeting the right cat. Kind of like the person who hates the opposite sex until they find the "right one."  Guided to her life’s path by a furry paw,  she has spent over 30 years learning how to be a cat parent, and her fuzzy gurus  wanted her to share the knowledge she has gleaned with others who appreciate all the animals that enhance our lives. She talks of the human values that she the cats exhibited clearly to her - their integrity, loyalty, compassion and humor. This fun, cat-savvy book makes a great gift to yourself for others, while easing the stress of your  day, or night, as you move through the Magic, the Mystery - and more than a little Mayhem. 

BOOKS:  One published, three to go:  A review of Purrs & Promises, and a quick peek at the three to go: (Working Titles)  1)  "Musings on a Moose, a Mouse, a Mental Patient & More, 2)  Speaking Holistically - A Glossary For Your Healing Journey, and her memoir from a child’s point of view:  3) Grandma’s Marbles, Growing Up with tan Older Generation in Mid Century America

TESTIMONIALS: Don’t miss this fun, sweet, and revealing book that is being described as: A Must Read Book,   A Must Read for All Animal Lovers,   Extraordinary!   Thanks for the epic journey! Excellent Read.!!   What a Fun Read.  An Excellent Example of Unconditional Love -   And then there are the testimonials from Animal Communicators:  "Her style of writing will grab you, give you belly laughs." - Carol Wright;    "What a sweet and wonderful story!" - Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle;  "A fantastic book."  Carla Meeske, Shaman, Teacher, Animal Communicator, and more. 

MY CATS:  The full scoop (bios) of each of the felines that shared their lives with Deanna, both in Purrs & Promises, and today. 

CONTACT US: Let us know what you think, offer suggestions, ask questions -  Deanna may select your question for her next blog - .the possible 5th book that is still just a gleam in her eye. 

THE CATS PAJAMAS BLOG:   A must read! the very first blog lists super important information for your life as an animal caretaker, check it out and book mark it! In the weeks ahead, she’ll be talking about all things animal - cats and dogs, everything from litter boxes to holiday help and safety, from best foods to cheap toys, natural healing. Since it’s about animals - there will be a few jokes and cute stories and plenty of entertainment. 


Purrs & Promises is my tribute to the cats and my human teachers who helped me understand not only felines, but relationships and even aspects of life itself. Read about living with felines, about understanding animal communication and about holistic/natural/alternative healing, along with inspirational revelations, all in this easy-to read, funny, informative book as you follow me through years of seeking more than what is always obvious.

All profits from Purrs & Promises have designated for Texas Humane Heroes, a 501(c)(3) charity that rescues dogs and cats from high kill shelters and teaches those shelters how to set up programs to become low, or no-kill, organizations   

You, too, can contribute to animal welfare at Texas Humane Heroes by purchasing the oversized paperback or the Kindle edition on Amazon, or by ordering through your favorite local bookstore and to TxHH 

 If you liked Purrs & Promises, and would like to know more about my life, you will want to check out my three upcoming books: 

  • Musings on a Moose, a Mouse, a Mental Patient, and More, a collection of unusual real-life tales; 
  • Grandma’s Marbles, a little girl’s memoir
  • Speaking Holistically, a Glossary of Healing Terms updated from a 1997 publication Holistically Speaking. Read more about them here.