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Deanna Chesnut

This About Us page is about the author, Deanna Chesnut, but it’s also about you. How can that be? Because if you are here, I know this about you: You are looking for a good book that will keep your attention, give you a laugh or two, teach you something, keep you in suspense, and possibly, as a bonus, change everything you did and didn’t want to know about cats and caring for them. In fact, your whole world view may be changed, especially about the interconnectedness of humans and animals after delving into the magic, mystery and mayhem that goes on between the covers. Am I right about you so far?  

So come on in and let me give you a bit of background about me, and about my writings - in narrative non-fiction, i.e., memoir style  - and about what you can expect from my books. 

World War II was still raging across the world, my father was busy saving his ship and earning a purple heart, and a blizzard was raging in a little town in Nebraska. Meanwhile, Mother was trying to get to the hospital in time to get rid of the bump in her belly.  Yep, that was me, arriving at midnight in a storm. 

From the hospital, I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house to live with them. Mom went off to work as a telephone operator and wasn’t home much. My life with my grandparents, describing the way things were for a little girl in small-town America, tells about that time in America’s history. You can refresh your memories, or learn about a time you never knew in my forthcoming book, Grandma’s Marbles, A Little Girl’s Memoir which will let you peep in on what it was like in lower class Middle America - a time before television and central heat and family cars.  

When Mother remarried, we moved to the country, seemingly going backward in time to even more rudimentary living. I was horribly lonely as my school had one teacher/janitor/fire stoker, and eight kids, at most, and five of them were boys. We lived three miles out in the country on a farm and the big event of the week was our Saturday shopping trip. My stepfather went to the bar and I got to go to the movie, usually a Western double feature after picking up my allotment of six books from the library. The rest of the week, those books were my salvation, my world, my entertainment. 

Time "sped slowly by" as I longed to change my situation. Graduating High School was the turning point. I jumped on a train and went, about as socially immature as a robin in spring, to Chicago. I struggled with living in a modern, very busy world of strange miracles, making friends for almost the first time in my life, and reveling in my freedom, but I wasn’t connecting with any eligible men, so I joined the Air Force. Four years later I went to Alaska, worked in a legal office, and finally got married. 

Ten years later, I got unmarried and went back to Nebraska to the University of Nebraska, seeking a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree. With the documents in hand that testified I was as smart as many of my bosses, I got in my car and headed south, looking for a new home. I ran out of emotional gas in Austin, Texas, a pretty little town on the banks of the Colorado River; I decided it would do. 

And that’s where my entire life changed again. I adopted a cat, or the other way around, and the chain of events from there took me into the world of holistic healing and the psychic who took me as her student. I also encountered a number of renters, from the sort-of-criminal to the flat out "witch" and an IRS security guard who kept leaving my doors wide open. Another cat joined us, and life took another angle, and... well, from here on you can read about all the revelations, amazing miracles, and the four-footed loves of my life in Purrs & Promises which is available on Amazon.

I’m sure you’ll want to know more about the amazing world of holistic healing for humans and animals - I’ll be republishing Speaking Holistically, a Glossary of Terms for Your Healing Journey soon. And for all those stories that didn’t fit in Purrs & Promises, look for my forthcoming book, Musings on a Moose, a Mouse,  a Mental Patient..and More.

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