Purrs And Promises

A cat-hating woman awakens to a gentle paw and tumbles into a previously unknown world of animal caretaking, alternative healing, and spiritual seeking. Come along for the humor, warmth and faltering steps into love and attunement as Deanna's feline companions take her "over the fence” into the unknown. The unknown includes her war with insects, break-ins, and becoming a landlady to a succession of very unusual characters-The Hunk, Mr. Peepers, Lurch, Sweetie and a psychic. She falls into a crisis in a gutter, sits in a yurt, walks in Texas fields to link souls with a horse, participates in animal communication ventures, and learns many secrets to good and responsible cat care. Stay for the magic, mystery and mayhem as her furry guides lead her into experiences of kinship, wisdom and immortality as she debunks many of the common viewpoints about cats in particular and animals in general. You'll never again look at an animal through the same eyes. As you journey, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you might change your mind-about everything. A very unusual, rock-your-world ‘must read' for all animal lovers- and others.


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Grandma's Marbles

Mine was not a pleasant arrival... Mother was bearing down and so was the blizzard... a fitting beginning to our future relationship. Fortunately, she had a friend who possessed  a car so we arrived at the hospital barely before the storm and midnight.

Throughout the rest of my life I would hear astrologers swear I must have been born when Mercury was in retrograde... but I hadn't been. I was, however, born during the worst war the world had ever experienced.

My father was bravely saving his ship and earning a purple heart. My grandmother, who would become my main caretaker for the years to come, was reluctantly awaiting my arrival in my new home, which, while small was considerably larger than where I had been living for the past nine months.


Musings on a Moose, a Mouse, a Mental Patient & More

...Upon my arrival in Alaska, I was greeted by a moose...

...I hadn't had a medical chart to read, and no one had told me he had murdered his last doctor. Now his eyes, looking vacant stared at me...

...The evidence of his habitation was clearly marked, and the man agreed we needed to do something... but what?

...I hadn't wanted another cat, but how could I leave her to this awful life...

Speaking Holistically

Acupuncture... Yoga... Body Talk... Herbology... Rolfing...CDB...Reiki... Animal Communication... EFT... Color Therapy... Reflexology... Homeopathy... Essential Oils... Flower Essences... Shamanism... Meditation... Faith Healing... TCM... Oxygen Therapy... Naturopathy... Hydrotherapy... Bio-Feedback... Magnet Healing... Complementary... Auras.. and more