A blog of all you wanted to know and quite a bit about what you didn’t even know you needed to know about our companion animals. We’ll discuss behavior, great products for health and pet happiness, handling holiday how-to, medical issues like vaccinations, de-clawing, training tips, funny little stories and insights to your fur buddies. You’ll find links to helpful websites, great animal communicators, and especially good books on pet wellness. New posts will happen in a manner similar to getting the cats to go to bed-it will happen when it happens, but round about bimonthly. Or sooner if I find something I need to share-like a joke or a new favorite cat site. Hurry back! Don’t forget to Bookmark us!

For my first blog, I’m giving a welcome gift of links to information I personally and highly recommend--all filled with wonderful information about animals, natural/alternative healing for pets and people, amazing animal communicators I personally know and recommend, and where to get help if you need it. Enjoy, and hurry back—blogs updated bi-monthly.  

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